Same PIE graph on 4x and 8x speeds!

Can anyone explain why I get the same graph while burning the same media (TDK DVD-R 8x TTG02) at 2.4x and 8x speeds with px-712a?
Firmware used is 1.05 and JUNE 2004.

Here are the graphs first one is at 2.4x:

Since these media are certified at 8X, means the recorder can write a good burn up to that max. speed supported.

I agree, but shouldn’t the burn at 2.4x speed present less pie errors than the 8x burn?

because slower is not always better … at least, in terms of recording.

some media is optimised for higher speeds whereas other media is optimised for lower speeds … to find the ‘‘sweet spot’’ for each combination of media and writer is the greatest challenge of quality recording … :wink:

Thanks for the reply!