Same old problem

Im having the same problem that I was with 007: Nightfire. I burn Heroes of Might and Magic 4 with Alchohol 120% with safedisc 2 as the setting and EFM bypass error checked. When I burn it and push the disc in and press play, the menu shows up saying loading and just sits there until i finally decide to shut it off. Someone please help me!!!

any other ideas that dont involve cracks (most are on sites that are loaded with viruses and they just piss me off anyways)

Originally posted by Jason_Ford
any other ideas that dont involve cracks (most are on sites that are loaded with viruses and they just piss me off anyways)
Not to mention that iit is also illegal :wink:

What is the drive that you are using to backup the game?

though i dont completely understand what ure saying but i can tell u that ive got an ATAPI CDRW CW0250 i thin (its my only drive)

What i meant is that using cracks for bypassing the protection is illegal and against the rules of the forum :wink:

Anyways, a little googling showed pitiful results for cw0250, but i think it is an AOpen drive - it is a 52/32 speed drive right? I am under the impression that it is based on the corresponding Lite-On drive, so you might get a working backup by using the Alcohol SafeDisk profile that does no amplification to weak sectors.

so how do i set it so that it does the amplification thing. aLSO do i use safedisc profile or safedisc 2. Since alcohol is only trial for me, cna i get clone cd or blindwrite to do the same thing. Last, can u tell me of a good cheap burner that can copy safedisc 2 and above without to many probs. tHANX!!

If i am not mistaken about your drive, the plain Safedisc profile should work just fine, plus i wouldnt see any reason to change your drive - there’s no one solution to backing up all protection schemes anyways.

But thats all based on the assumption that your drive is a rebadged Lite-On, maybe someone that has the same unit can confirm it.

is the amplification thing a setting or what? how do i get it to do it?

Just use the plain Safedisc profile and all settings will be set

i tried that and it didnt work. when i put the cd in and booted nightfire up, the loading screen just sat there until it finally closed and said would u like to send an error report or w/e (windows xp pro). am i supposed to have bypass efm error on cause i manually checked it off?

The model number for your drive sounds similar to an OptoRite or Cyberdrive model number; could you post what firmware version your drive has? That sometimes helps in identifying what the drive actually is.

how do i no the difference between them and how do i no which one i have other than the box (that i threw out). Thanxs

Just post the firmware version your drive has. You can find this with Nero InfoTool, which you can get at

i think this is what ure askin for but it says Firmware Version: 180C

Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know. This may help determine what type of drive you have. :slight_smile:

Also, what speed is your drive?


Hmm, could you post the drive model number that is reported by InfoTool? I just can’t find any record of a drive with the model number you posted earlier.

when u say model number do u mean serial number? cause if u do it says question mark? also if it helps i think this burner was on sale like for $15 about 3 weeks ago at best buy. If u want we might want to start over on the facts in case i messed up. Thanx

I actually meant the number that is reported in the small drop-down box at the top of the InfoTool window. Also, what was the brand name on the box in which the drive came?