Same named SSD models might have different NAND and controller



We’ve just posted the following news: Same named SSD models might have different NAND and controller[newsimage][/newsimage]

Performance of some SSDs you buy might be very different from reviews because manufacturers switch to different parts while the name of the product remains the same.

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Manufacturers have been doing the same thing with USB Flash Drives for years.


This kind of nonsense brings new meaning to the term “shooting yourself in the foot”. You would have thought that the catastrophic brand damage OCZ’s took when they pulled this crap with the Vertex 2 would have served as a potent cautionary tale to any 3rd party SSD manufacturer looking to cheat their customers with this sort of switch. I guess they’re slow learners.

It’s getting to the point where purchasing an SSD from a non flash supplier (intel, samsung, micron, toshiba) is just asking to be ripped off. Between stories like this and stories like the one in the link below, third party SSD vendors are literally killing their own market and will have no one to blame but themselves for the fallout.


It’s called bait and switch Kingston did it with their v line, they sent out samples to reviewers and then put different nand in the ones that were sold