Same ethernet cable for TV and PC



Hi Folks. I have a router at home with 4 outlets. One outlet is for TV transmission and the other 3 normal VDSL internet. I have 4 PCs, 1 IPAD, 1 IPHONE, 1 Synology diskstation, 1 IP Camera, 1 Panasonic TV that require to be linked to the 3 normal outlets. The digital TV transmission is to be linked to the TV outlet. I have linked the TV outlet to TV via a long ethernet cable. A Sitecom hub with one input and 8 outputs is connected to a normal VDSL outlet of the router. The hub plus 2 outlets can take care of the remaining 7 devices with the Iphone and Ipad on wifi. Normal cabling is available for 4 PCs and diskstation. IP camera uses the electrical circuit of the house to connect to the router. There remains the Panasonic TV to be connected to a normal outlet. Since the TV is at another floor and the long cable is used for TV transmission and the electrical circuits are already used by the camera I have to find another means to connect the Panasonic TV to a normal outlet. Honestly speaking I do not know what to do. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


From your description, are you stating that distance is a factor and you have no convenient way to get to your switch? By outlets I presume you mean female cat5 receptacles on the router and switch.

Have you considered a power over ethernet solution (aka powerline adapter), to use your electrical outlets to send the signal to the closest switch or router via cat5 cable?


A drawing of the setup might be useful. Perhaps adding another switch at a convenient location can be helpful?



u use cat 6 bare cooper its a best cable