Same error msg. after 2 weeks & $800!

I just built a computer to replace my old PII 266-powered machine because I was getting an error message when I tried to play DVD movies. I just tried playing a DVD from Blockbusters on a very simple player (Media Player Classic) and I got the same &*(%$#@ error message…and a warning screen.
“Video cannot be shown because the disaplay adapter is incompatible with the DVD decoder” and “Warning- Media Player Classic could not render some of the pins in the graph…you may not have the needed codecs or filters installed on the system”. Could someone please decipher this for me?

yeah you need codecs to play a dvd. Get this pack K-lite codec pack and install it then use media player classic again

Media Player is just crap (IMO).

Use a good player, the freely available VLC tool is an excellent choice.

media player CLASSIC not media player

Media Player Classic is supposed to have a DVD decoder in it. I’m new to this, so I don’t know what DVD ‘format’ it’s supposed to decode. In the error message quoted in my original post, “…display adapter incompatible…”. by ‘display adapter’, are they referring to my ASUS graphics card or software I have? This is really frustrating. I can’t believe I can’t play a DVD with this computer. :a

If that doesn’t work - make sure you’ve upgraded/installed the correct graphics drivers. I suggest you use something like PowerDVD for watching a DVD - surely it would have come with your DVD-ROM/WRITER - or maybe even WinDVD which is not my favourite.

Not by itself it doesn’t. You need to have proper codecs for it to work hence the message “you may not have the needed codecs or filters installed on the system”. We have told you what you need so try it.

Yeah, sorry. Overread that. MPC of course is also a good choice.