Same disk, same drive, diff. c1/c2 results

Hi. I’m currently running tests on 5 brands of cd-r media w/audio (TY, Maxell, Fuji, TDK, Verbatim) using CD/dvd speed and my laptop’s internal drive, a Pioneer dvr-K06RS, w/ firmware 1.01 (the drive MAY actually be an ASUS according to some forums, and there aren’t any f/w updates for this drive…who knows?) Using this drive to “test” the burned disks. (BTW: 3 of these are made by CMC Mag, one by prodisc, and one by TY)

The whole purpose for the tests is: I’m trying to find the best media/burner/speed combination for burning audio cds on my particular burners:
a pioneer 110d (in Firewire enclosure), the dvr-K06rs (in a laptop), and a sony dvd rw DW-Q28A (in a Mac)

Don’t know much about c1/c2 errors, but I’ve heard that less is better, esp. c2 errors.

Problem: I ran cd/dvd Disk Quality test on the same disk three times (with the dvr-k06rs), and got three totally different c1/c2 values…does this mean something is wrong with my reader?

any suggestions?

Your going to need a BenQ or a Plextor for scanning. Pioneers are not very good scanners. You can run a read/transfer test and see if the disc can be read back properly with your Pioneer. That’s a very important test to do too.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have a Lite-On 166s, but it’s only a dvd player, not a burner.

Is this ok for running the tests on cdr disks?

One other question. Is there any correlation between c2 values, and the ability of a given cd player to play the audio, or does that have to do w/reflectivity of the disks?

I’m sorry i mentioned Lite-On as they don’t report C2 errors correctly from what i’ve read here. Older model BenQ (1640,1650,and 1655) and a true Plextor drives for quality scans.

I’ve had burns that were bad on quality tests and still played fine.

My most expensive Taiyo Yuden cdr (watershield) & Mediastar (Taiyo Yuden) are the only discs i’ve had trouble with - on a few old Denon players. Also none of my LiteOn cd/dvd drive can read the above discs. They always see them as blanks. All my cheap Prodisc and CMC read back fine in all drives i ever tested them on so i guess there is something about the surface giving issues rather than C2 errors :smiley:

The TY discs are made with such great precision that the lasers can’t focus on such perfect media, maybe? :bigsmile:

But seriously, I’ve had some Sony CD-R media be freshly burned and have readback issues in one of my drives…then try a separate disc from the pack and it worked. I’ve also had some disc with some C2 spikes that worked in my portable Sony CD player [one of the more advanced models] with no (audible) clicks or anything. So put another tally down for no C2 issues, but specific media/drive issues.

My laptop Samsung burner is fairly consistent in what it reports as far as errors, but I haven’t tried with CD media.

That must be it :slight_smile: Na, they look fine when i make Quality scans in the Optiarc and TRT’s in other drives are perfect. Actually i got the PX 810 just to make the QS for these discs and then it’s not even a “real” Plextor :eek:

Thanks for all the responses. In the middle of testing now, will post results later.