Same disc but different scan, wierd :)

the benQ scan and the samsung scan is a bit different, any ideas why? which one is more “trustable?”

I would trust the BenQ :smiley: IMO is a better reader :bigsmile:

The two scans are not carried out under the same conditions and it’s therefore difficult to compare them. For one, you are reading at ‘max’ speed which is different for each drive. You should limit the scan speed to 8x and try again - I think you’ll find fewer errors too.

Are you sure this is the same disc though? The drives report a different burned capacity…

yeah, lol, it’s the same disc, i noticed that too (look at the lable)… no idea why.

Definitely scan at 8x. You’ll see that the Benq peaks at 16x while the Samsung is only 12x. Hence you’re not comparing like with like.

The Benq also measures jitter which the Samsung doesn’t and that can make a significant difference. The Benq shows a jitter of over 13% which is on the high side and so the graph reflects that.

Finally it doesn’t seem to be the same disc - look at the different sizes.

i’m getting another disc and scan @8X, trust me that it’s the same disc, for some reason they report different size. just update the firmware, so testing if the drive produce better burn than before. i own 3 DVDRW already, and i might go crazy and order 3 other different drive lol, they’re relatively cheap and i think DVD still last for a while.

here we go again, scaned @8X slightly different result (i think), same disc again different size reported, does play in all players though.

the reason for the high jitter is because these dams discs are 16X rated but they cost 0 :)… got them FAR, so i’m just trying to make the best of the situation.

a few things to note

  1. these disc only burns on my NEC3500 and Samsung 182M, the BenQ won’t even regconize it, the NEC3500 produce HORRIBLE results, the samsung do much better (but not good at any rate)… thinking about buying a pionner, liteon or LG to test these disc out, the liteon 20X i got from newegg is DOA, and i’m returning it, so no testing till i get the new drives in.

Of the 2 I’d rely more on the Benq 1620 for scanning. The Samsung does scan but lacks the accuracy of the Benq.

I’ve just tried a disc in my Samsung 182M & my Benq 1620 - both with the same firmware as you - and the Samsung gives results far worse than the Benq.

However, they both show the DVD as being the same size so I don’t know what to make of that.

I can’t see any reason why the Benq has issues with those MCC 03RG20 discs as the firmware clearly supports them.

they’re fake :slight_smile:

I assumed that but I would have thought that atleast the Benq could detect the media ID. But I’ve never had any fakes so I don’t know any better.

yeah, because i have the real MCC (verbaltim 16X), same media code and everything, and the BenQ regconize it lol. that was pretty wierd.

Out of curiosity, what interval does the benq scan at? My samsung s182m seems to scan nearly identical to my liteon (it seems just a touch more sensitive to pif errors) so I’m guessing its scans at ecc 8/1. It reports scanning at ecc 1 like the liteon does. If the scan interval is different, that would partially explain different scan levels.

I would also try a different disk (the same disk for both scans but not the one you are currently using), to see if you still get that different burn size thing.

Considering that one drive is 1ECC and the other is 8ECC, the results look very much in agreement otherwise. Probably about as much in agreement as you can expect when comparing the drives for that matter.

Regarding the reporting of 4489MB of the Benq, make sure that you allow the drive/system to recognize the disc before you start the scan, you may want to wait 10-15 seconds after inserting the disc before opening CD-DVD Speed even.

warlock111 You might have problem in play back.

i tried playing back, nothing wrong with the disc, i think scoobiedoobie is right, i pop it in and scan right away, i did not see the spin up crap that it showed on my samsung. benQ is reporting the wrong size, my burner doesn’t overburn (can’t do it) so limit is 4400MB, benQ is reporting over that, must be the wrong reporting.

Actually DVD-R has a capacity of 4489MB, +R 4483MB approximately. 4489MB is what CD-DVD Speed will list when A) the disc hasn’t been fully ‘recognized’ yet as I mentioned above or B) when the disc is in poor condition and the drive has some difficulty initializing the disc at all. Give the drive/system a chance to read the disc before starting the scan and hopefully it will then list the accurate size for the disc.

I figured that might be part of it. Personally I scan all the time on my samsung as the results seem to pretty closely match my liteon. They are in the same computer so it is whichever drive I happen to pop the disk in (more with the samsung though, as I burn more with it so the disk is already in the drive). I don’t have a benq to compare with but I’m used to ecc8/1 results anyway (actually I have a plex 740 but never bothered to flash it to a benq to allow scanning).

Just keep in mind that the different scan interval will give different error rates but the graphs should be similar (and bad spots or problems should be exposed), regardless of which one you use.

The Samsung drives tend to scan similar to Liteon drives because they both scan at 1ECC and both use a Mediatek chip.