Same data burns very different area of disc surface



Just burned the same 12MB file to two DVD+R discs and looking at the discs it is obvious that the area burned is very different. One appears to have about 25% of it’s surface affected and the other about 10%. Even 10% seems far more than it should be even with lead ins outs and roundabouts. The same file on a CDR is unnoticeable. All 3 discs verify OK, whats goin on??

ps Hello all…I hope it was OK to post here!..cheers…rob


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Are the discs the same brand, and what brand and rated speed are they?

Are you using the same DVD writer for both? What DVD writer are you using, at what speed?

What software are you using?


Thanks, Hi and Happy New Year!!

Different discs all on a new intel iMac using toast.