Same Burner (1633S), firmware, DVDs, different quality burns

I have the same burner at home and at work - 1633S, 16BS0S firmware. I bought some BenQ 8X +R media (DaxonAZ2 media code), and I get very different results with the two burners. Same movie burned to both DVDs, same speed burn (4X),same program used for burning (Nero 6.606). See the attached comparisons from KProbe2. Note that I have done 6-7 test burns with this media on the work computer, on 1 burn with this media on the home computer.

The home burner burns great, the work burner awful. Yet on other media they both produce identical results. Neither burner would even recognize TAIYO YUDEN DVD+R 8X media (!!!) - This media just locked up Nero! Both burn Verbatim 4X and 8X (VERBATIM DATALIFEPLUS DVD+R 8X) media really well, as well as OPTODISC ACRO CIRCLE SUPER GRADE DVD-R 4X media. In fact, The burns on the Verbatim and Optodisc media make the attached home burn result look bad in comparison!

I was thinking of using the EEPROM utilty to back up my work EEPROM, and then copy my home EEPROM to my work drive. Or could I have a bad drive at work? Or just some weird media incompatability?

This really makes me wonder how valid all the model/media results are. Is media compatability related to individual drives, not to models lines?

I had luck one time with using a backed up EEProm from another burner but you must keep in mind that the CODEGUYS tell you that the EEPROM is specific to each burner and that using a different eeprom (other than your orginal backed up EEPROM) is not recommended. I did mine as a last resort as I did not care if the 851S worked afterwards or not but it turn out to be a blessing. Guess I just got lucky. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of this.


@ rojmiller
Transfering eeproms is an option, but should be a last resort as bigdog242 states with his experience as it probably will make things worse. What you could do is use the eeprom utility to erase(reset) your learnt media memory. Try that on the bad burner and try a few burns to see if that helps, keeping in mind it may take 3 or 4 burns to get consistent results. Post back with your results

“What you could do is use the eeprom utility to erase(reset) your learnt media memo”

I tried that this afternoon. First DVD burnt, no improvement. Burn started out ok, got progressively worse in steps to the end of the burn.

Second DVD was burnt, but I didn’t finish the Kprobe scan before I left work. Half-way through the scan, the results were not looking good…

Is there really any risk with the Eeprom transfer? If it doesn’t work, I can just re-load the saved backup…

I realized that I brought a DVD home that I think is the one I burned just before I left work. The results are attached. Same pattern. Better results, but nowhere near where I would like it to be.

There is the possibility that this is the same bad DVD that I scanned at work (results above). I have also attached a scan from my home computer of the good DVD scanned at work (results also above). As you can see, same pattern, better results. Obviously the home 1633S also does a better job of reading these DVDs, as well as writing to them.

No two burners are created equal one may burn with exceptional quality and
the other may burn with unacceptable poor quality. That is like buying a new
car, one is good and the one right next to it isn’t as good even though they
are the same make and model same principle goes for burners. :wink:

After 5 more burns, the quality seems to be getting worse, not better. Here is the result from my last burn, on a Verbatim 8X disc.

There is a pattern to all the burns on this drive. Quality generally starts out ok at the beginning, and gets much worse in steps toward the end of the burn. The attached graph is typical of the pattern.


I decided to try one final burn with the problem BenQ discs, and the result came out fine! No increasing error trend across the disc, and with a highest P1 error of 100! So I tried another one - same result - a good burn! (see attached)

Maybe switching to the Verbatim discs for a bit somehow straightened out the drive!

@ rojmiller
It usually takes 3 or 4 burns of the same MID discs to relearn and get consistent(hopefuly good) results. Burning the MCC003 discs between burns should have no effect on your DAXON burns(I think anyway) as the memory has a spot for each MID…poor media can be variable even within a spindle of discs…but that is a good result for that media…congrats!:).
As getit29 states, every drive is different, and when you find a MID type that the drive likes, keep feeding it that type:).

I tried using the backup EEprom from my home burner, but without success. With the backup EEprom, my burner wouldn’t recognize blank media (a message said that there was no media in the drive). I re-installed the original EEprom, and got the same message!

I rebooted, and everything returned to normal - actually, that was when I started to get good burns! Burned another test this morning, with the same results as shown above.

Really strange.

Maybe your work burner has been stressed too much by the others. :confused:

An update on my burner situation.

I’ve continued to burn Benq 4X (DaxonAZ2) discs at work, with ok results. Most burns have been good, but recently I’ve also had some bad (throw-away) results. I became a little peeved, because my home burner produces such good results using the same media.

So I decided to upgrade my work burner to a 1653, because that model has some more recent firmware (CSOP). The upgrade was uneventful, but the results using the Benq media were awful! (even after 5-6 burns). In frustration, I decided to try a Verbatim 8X shiny top disc, which had produced better results previously. This time something must have clicked into place, because the results were almost perfect! First time I had results on my work computer comparable to my home burner! Finally, I am a happy camper.

I’ve attached a few scans below.

  1. A scan of the last Benq burn from my work computer using the 1633 BSOS firmware (ignore the 1653 CSOP in the header - I scanned the disc after upgrading). Results not bad, but unfortunately I was not consistently getting results like this. Yes this scan was done with Nero, but the results are not significantly different from KProbe results (see scan 2).

  2. Same disc scanned using Kprobe2.

  3. A Benq scan from a disc burned on my home computer (still @ 1633 BSOS)

  4. A Benq scan after switching to 1653 CSOP, about 5-6 burns after switching.

  5. A Verbatim 8X shiny top burn using 1653 CSOP, after 5-6 burns. Curiously, the results seem to be better when burned at 8X than when burned at 4X, but I admit I have not burned many at 4X)

My conclusion: Each burner is an individual, and it doesn’t matter what results anyone else gets using the same model. You have to try out different discs until you get ones that work well in your burner (and with your firmware!). Burn results seem to stabilize after 5-6 burns, but you can usually tell how things are going to end up after 1-2 burns.