Same Brand, Same Media Code: Opposite Result

Hi all!
I’ve bought 50 DVD+R 8x DataWrite Titanium PRODISC R03 NOT printable: almost perfect, PIF Total <70, PIF Max = 2… :bigsmile:

Seeing that, i’ve bought 100 DVD+R 8X DataWrite Titanium Prodisc R03 PRINTABLE: almost shit, PIF Total > 200, PIF Max not yet count (this after 3.5GB area, before these discs are like NOT printable):sad::a

I try to reset learnt media, but i give 3 coaster on 3 disc writed :Z

What’s happened? The printable ones appears “glued”, shound this is the cause?
What shoud i do?

This is a NOT printable scan:

And this is a PRINTABLE scan:

Just curiosity Fuzzo: do you opened tray before to do scan?

Yes, i do :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

I asked because there is a little gap between end of disc and latest scan graph

Up :sad:

Prodisc media are not really so good.

It’s possible that printable version is wronger than not-printable.

Or that you got a bad batch

I got too such media from a local store… seems there are many lots of defective batches… I would suggest recompress movies to fit 3.5G or store other data on those discs, trying not to reach 3.5 point. Beside if you can find a NEC 4551 this media is suitable for labeling the data side :smiley:

Seconded. I’ve seen several bad batches of Prodisc R03 printable media over the last year. Scans look similar to yours, and the burn side has clear errors in the dye showing as shadowy discolorations extending from the outer edge after burning. ‘Normal’ Prodisc R03, on the other hand, have always been good to me on Lite-On burners. Take the discs back as they’re obviously defective.

Prodisc discs are known for its fluctuable quality between batches.
Their DVDR’s are really not the best, however their CDs are fine :wink: