Same as "Is my Optiarc bc-5500s BD-Rom dead?"

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Optiarc BC-5500S. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]I have the very same system and problem as posted before by cornflake1  “I have an Acer Aspire 6930G notebook, it approx 3 months old and was running without problem until last week when the Optiarc BD-Rom BC-5500S drive stopped loading/playing or recognising any discs in the drive whether DVD, CD or BD-Rom - all that happens is that the BD ROM drive makes a “B-Dum, B-Dum, B-Dum” noise at the regular rate of about once per second and after about 2 minutes of this timesout. If you right click on the Drive icon and select “Explore”, then the drive tray ejects and the message screen “please insert a disc into drive F:” displays - when I insert a disc into the try and close then the all that happens is the noise as described about again. I do not hear a fast spinning sound at all, just the slow steady B-dum noise”  but the solutions given to him don`t seem to work for me. I tried booting from disk with the backup dvd i created at first startup, an original vista x32 and x64 from friends, but the failure stll occured, the strange noise came even before bios was loading, from the very first second i restarted my notebook. I wrote to both the acer and the sonyoptiarc supports, but they dont seem to be interested in writing back (3weeks ago each). All the rest of my system is working perfectly fine, using tune up to keep it clean, deformating every 2 weeks. I usually get along with computer problems on my own, but this seems to be over the edge, i cant help myself any more. please write back, hopefully yours Benjamin (P.S.: sorry if my english was bad, i havent been to school for a while :wink:  )

It does sound like your drive has a failure of some sort - especially when you mention that you get this problem even when your system hasn’t started up.

A repeating sound like that might indicate that the laser pickup head (the thing that moves in and out) is trying to find the lead-in area, and focus on it. The fact that it keeps repeating indicates that it can’t seem to find this lead-in area - and a multitude of things can cause this. Maybe the lens is dirty? Maybe the lens is missing? (sometimes when mistreated, people have “popped off” a lens). Maybe the pickup head is stuck? Maybe the laser has failed and the sensor isn’t getting any thing from the disc? Maybe the photosensor has failed, or maybe it’s a bad disc … but it almost certainly sounds like hardware failure to me.

Thank you for your reply,
finally acer`s service wrote me back they are going to replace it as they are also sure this is a hardware failure.
I just hope they send it back soon, i heard of people waiting more than a month for their stuff, and i also have work on my laptop (backuped of course) that i need to continue!

That’s unfortunately a fact of life, but my experiences usually have been good - most companies can get all servicing done within a week unless the parts aren’t available.

Unfortunately blu-ray drives might fall under that category, but the conditions of most warranties exclude any possibility of them loaning you a laptop or anything like that. And usually disclaims them for the time they might take to do repairs. Unfortunately can’t help there. :slight_smile: Best of luck with getting it back soon.

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