Salvaging data from old media

Hi there. Forgive me since I’m really new to the blank media thing. For a few years I was naive and just used Memorex or Maxell, but very recently ordered a bunch of TY CD-Rs and TY DVD+Rs (Media ID: YUDEN000T02) from

I’ve read most of the FAQ-type stuff so I understand media IDs and that some TY is fake (but not from and all that sort of stuff.

But I’ve got a couple questions I couldn’t find answers to:

  1. I’ve got a bunch of stuff burned from my naive days (mostly Memorex) and I’m wondering if I rip a CD image of those discs using, say Alcohol 120% or a program like that, if I’m guaranteed any sort of error checking. I want to make sure the data I’m salvaging will be accurate so I can burn them to my TY discs.

  2. I bought a DVD-ROM drive for playing movies and ripping CDs and such. It’s a Liteon. Is that a good brand?

I’d really appreciate any answers since I’m really new to this.

Hi :slight_smile:

  1. In Alcohol 120%, you will be alerted if there are any unreadable sectors unless you check the “Skip reading errors” box. If you DO have some unreadable discs that you want to salvage, you might want to IsoBuster :wink:

  2. In general, LiteON makes the best readers, at least from an error correction point of view. So yes, good choice!


Welcome to the forums-

I would try and burn the Memorex CD-R’s to the Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s with Nero (preferably 6.6.xx) using the ‘verify’ of the burn - then compair the bytes in ‘My Computer’ of both disc.

You don’t say what model LiteOn you have - so really cannot say-


Also, is it true that burning slow will ruin discs? I burned at few of my TY CD-R at 16x cuz I thought that would produce better discs. Are those garbage that I should now reburn at full speed, or are they still ‘decent’ just not as good as they could be?

CD-Rs are kind of the exception. In many cases, burning 48/52X CD-Rs at 16/24X will produce best results. I know I burn most of my CD-Rs at 16X :cool:

Oh wow. I lucked out there :slight_smile:

So I should be okay burning my 8X TY DVD+Rs at 8X (ideally) or 4X (one speed lower) and my 52X TY CD-Rs at 16X-24X?

I wouldn’t recommend burning your DVD+Rs at 4X, at least in my experience, although it probably has alot to do with firmware support for lower speeds. But yeah, burning your TY CD-Rs at 16X-24X is fine.


Suggest burning the Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-R’s = 32x for data and 16x for audio to get your best burns and the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s at 8x - again for the best burns-eh!


Thanks for all the info everyone. Especially since I’ll be burning at the right speeds from now on!! Can’t wait to get my Litey drive in the post and start doing some scans.

I’m curious though: how much difference are we talking about when you burn a DVD disc differently than its rated speed? Are we talking great to unusable? Or great to good/okay? I’ve got a Sony DRU-810A with the latest (1.0e) firmware if that helps any.

Oh and to respond to someone earlier, my Litey is a SHD-16P1S.