Sale Verbatim DVD+R 16x $13.49 Bestbuy

discs r ringing up @ $14.99. take the online 10% of all purchases coupon. net 13.49 + tax.

Is this another price mistake (like last week Fuji $3.99) because the ad says $17.99. I better go there early!

And here is the 10% off coupon, ends today Dec 19.

looks like price mistake. just got back and the only hitch is you can only use 1 coupon per purchase. so print plenty just in case.

That’s almost as good as my BOGO a few weeks ago wow good price. zevia did you grab some? I have about 70 left or so. Doubt i go get anymore.

Verbatim 16x DVD+Rs for only $15 is a heck of a deal. Thx for the info cmisenko & link zevia :smiley:

ok: 1 mo post while we beat this thread 2 death, did anyone look @ the dell (verbatim) $10.00 rebate, it never specifically mentions a retailer. says something like qualified retailers. so can we use this $10 rebate on 3 of these 25 packs???

Yes I bought two, each $13.49 +tax, with only one coupon. Still got 3 packs at home unopened, and a pack from dell coming soon ($8++ after $10 rebate, link here).

No Its not a mistake, I work for BB, and change the prices every Sun. I’d get there and grab them before they’re gone

sikoone > So it will run all week then? Surely they (most stores) will get more as the week goes on?

Ha. Stores around here don’t ever seem to restock items on sale during the week of the sale.

@sikoone, could you tell me approx. how often you get shipments of Fuji media?(or any media) Just curious because I’m looking for some -R “made in japan” fuji, and my local store is out of them. Just wondering when they are likely to get more in. BTW, welcome to the forum.

As for this verbatim sale…just like last week… I’l be getting there a day late. Anyone know how long the sale is for?

Get a rain-check if they issue them on sale items that are out of stock. :wink:


Well I don’t know if they would give a rain check. Because they actually do have the item in stock… but it’s just not the “made in japan” TY.

You got a point there [H]itman…Sure does suck in your case.

Best Buy used to have something called MAF, Merchandise Authorization Form, where you could pay for something and then pick it up when it was received back in stock. This way you could use discount coupons or take advantage of special financing offers applicable on that day. They still might do this.

The rainchecks are for advertised merchandise whether it is actually on sale or not. Non-advertised sales, discount coupons, ect. don’t get a raincheck if out of stock. The rainchecks are a way to prevent bait-n-switch tactics using ad circulars. Of course with all the main in rebates lately that require a purchase date between a certain time frame the only thing a raincheck guarantees is the before mail-in rebate advertised sale price if the item comes in after the rebate period, very likely.