SAI software WriteCD-Rw and ReadCD-MRW a failure

Anyone got SAI software to work on non Mt. Rainier drives? This software maker claims that it can be used on other than Mt. Rainier drives and can read old UDF data but it can’t on my system, neither Write CD-RW or ReadCD-MRW work to enable reading of UDF on other than Mt. Rainier drives, which is my Liteon 40x at this point. On that drive it works fine but not on my DVD or other non Mt. Rainier CDRW.

If it worked for anyone, then I could figure out where the inability to work on my system comes from. :confused:

Yes, the SAI software works well on my system (PII-400, Window 98SE, 384meg ram). The WriteCD-RW software seems to work fine with my LiteOn 40x. I’m able to format CD-RW disks with UDF and save files, read files, erase files, etc. The first time I tried putting one of these UDF formatted disks in my Mitsumi CDROM drive (on the same computer), I got a message to go to SAI’s website and download READCD-RW. I downloaded the software, installed it, and now I’m able to read files off the CD-RW on the Mitsumi drive without any problems. It all works fairly transparently for me. I haven’t tried READCD-RW on another computer though to see if I can read the CD-RW.

Have you tried emailing SAI’s support? I emailed them about a minor Windows error I was getting with the initial format of a CD-RW disk. Support did say that since this latest firmware for the LiteOn 40x was so new, that they were just now looking at it and would have full support in a future release of their software.

I am glad to hear it works. I called SAI as well as e-mailed them to them. ReadCD-MRW just does not work for me.:confused: