SafeMedia tells Congress it can eliminate college P2P

I just posted the article SafeMedia tells Congress it can eliminate college P2P.

In a hearing held at the House Committee on Science and Technology covering role of technology in the reduction of illegal file sharing, the SafeMedia Corporation CEO and Founder challenged colleges…

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I love the smell of snake oil in the morning

How the hell does this technology distinguish between “illegal” and “non-illegal” traffic ? It’s not possible unless packet and content inspection is involved. This would fail if the session if using encryption. Sounds like a load of crap. All smoke and mirrors designed to scare those who download copies of retarded shows like “24”.

The blogger at already covered this nutcase company’s lunatic claims last month. Some interesting comments: “Pirates are smart and innovative, and so is Clouseau. Our technology is dynamic, sees through all multi-layered encryptions, adaptively analyzes network patterns and constantly updates itself. Packet examinations are noninvasive and infallible. There are no false positives. Sees through all encryption? Even our best intelligence agencies don’t make that claim. Perhaps that’s because the intelligence agencies know about probably unbreakable encryption.” and: “but SafeMedia doesn’t shrink from the most outlandish claims of infallibility: What if illegal P2P no longer worked? What if, no matter how intelligent, devious, or well-funded an Internet pirate was, they absolutely could not transmit copyrighted material via P2P? SafeMedia’s goal was to create the technology that would achieve exactly this. And we succeeded. Employing our new technology, Clouseau and Windows + Transport Control, makes illegal P2P transmission of copyrighted material impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. Not difficult and not improbable. IMPOSSIBLE!” This company has also paid an expensive law firm to register as their lobbyist. This sounds too much like that other recently mentioned company that is suing under the DMCA for Microsoft and Apple “avoiding” the use of their patented software – Go to the press and the ignorant ‘decision makers’ and throw up a screen of smoke, in an attempt to get free investment money for a product that doesn’t deserve it.


The scary thing is there are companies out there stupid enough to believe the BS this company is spouting. “All encryptions are rendered useless to us!, bow down and give us money!” Yeah, right.