Safedsisc copyong



Is there a list of burners that are safeddisc 2 compatiable for burning. I mean that are able to making working copies of safedisc 2 that are workable in all normal cd rom drives witohout needing a patch or a crack


wills this thread to be deleted


why should my ? about alist of burners that can do straight copies of safedisc 2 be deleted


because this is the experienced users forum, this is a simple question, this is posted several dozen times, and its explicitly stated as a rule that this forum will have questions removed if they are like this one


Just go to CloneCD look at the list of recorders. The ones with 2 sheep will make working backups of SD2.


Please use our search and do some research. This question has been answered many, many times before. Moved the thread. Thanks.