SafeDisk2 w/o Hide CDR Media

Is it possible to make a backup of a SafeDisk2 protected CD (more specifically of OED 2 v3) so that you do not need to enable “Hide CDR Media” in order to run the software.

Not with a CD-Burner, only if you used a proper CD press to make the discs, thats if the protection version has a ATIP check.

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@ben iv made 1:1 copies of SD 2.6 wiv my Lite-on!


But the ATIP check was introduced in SafeDisc 2.41, and it is impossible to play a CD-R backup of a game in a burner without some kind of ATIP hider.

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As ben said the ATIP hider blocks the commands from the computer to read the ATIP. Sometimes you may think that you have no ATIP hider on and your backup’s work, but sometimes the options can be secretly running in the background. If you were able to erase the ATIP Signal, then I don’t know what would happen.

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Thanks, folks!
I’d like just to put in that since most CD Readers (not writers) cannot read the ATIP block (or header) a copy of any SafeDisk protected piece of software should run just as smoothly as the original even w/o “Hide CDR Media” enabled. Am I right? What about DVD Readers - do they read the ATIP block/header?

Here’s one more issue related to SafeDisk & Nero CD Speed: I get “Error initializing test” and cannot perform a Disc Quality test on a SafeDisc 2 protected software. The reason should be the presence of bad sectors. However, all of them are part of the protection which I verified by successfully reading all the data on the CD. Having this in mind, is it possible to do a Disc Quality test on a CD that’s been copy protected with bad sectors?

In theory, yes.

Of course you’d need a burner to make a good enough copy.

DVD Readers, as well as CD Readers (DVD-ROMs & CD-ROMs) cannot read the ATIP signal simply because it has no reason to. ATIP is usually used for burning purposes only.

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