Safedisk2 crack on nfs porsche unleashed

how would i go about burning a copy of my need for speed porsche unleashed game?

Is doesn’t have SafeDisc 2… It has the normal SafeDisc protection and can be burned with just the ‘Fast Error Skip’ settings enabled in CloneCD. Should be no problem at all. In the future when you want to check if a game has a copy-protection and if so which one use a scanner like ClonyXL or the new YaPS

i’m currently trying to burn it with the “FAST ERROR SKIP” option. (It automatically changed it to hardware error correction) it still says: Failed to read sector, and it has been doing so for the past 5 minutes. Is there another setting i have to use?
I am going to d/l clonyxl and see what that can do.

You’re supposedto get that message LOL :slight_smile:

Just let it go on. You’ll get these errors up to around sector 10.000. After that you shouldn’t get more.

ok… it copied. but now it errors out when trying to install it. something about a file corrupted or not found. do i have to find a crack or something because it is not the original cd?

Seems like you have a bod copy… Did you make the back-up of an original game and did you use proper media. Maybe it will help if you burn at a lower speed. Or you can of course use a crack and see if it helps (but usually you must be able to install the game and then apply the crack so this won’t help you).

Burner brand & model? Acer…hhmmmm?