Who has tried the copy methods posted several days ago in the news section of cdfreaks. I’ve tried the method with diskjuggler and cd wizard gold. Both are producing errors on the copied cd but still they aren’t working (for example Tiberian Sun is asking for the proper cd).
Are these fake methods, are they copying cracked games or are they not telling everything. Who tried these methods and has been succesfull.

I’m using a plextor reader and a teac writer with an adaptec controller. So that’s not the problem.

Still think it’s fake. Why bother to make crackz if you are able to copy safedisk gamez at once???

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these methods are dependant on your hardware
if you got proper stuff, it works… (teac readers, writers / plextor, etc…)
if you got crappy readers/writers it won’t


I have a Plextor reader and I have both a Teac 8x24 writer and a Plextor 8x20 writer and it didn’t work for me. I have a Symbios 875 controller… I am not sure if the controller makes the difference, but my backup copies had NO errors in them at all. How did you manage to write errors with that Teac writer? What firmware were you using?

This is exactly why I wanted to start a list of hardware combos that will copy SafeDisc properly (reader,writer,controller).


I used CD Wizard Gold. The copy i made has read errors. I checked this with both CD Wizard Gold as CDRWIN. With CDRWIN i can/t produce any read errors. In according to the errors CD Wizard gold is working. Still the game dowsn’t work without the laxity crack.
I’ve also a symbios SCSI device.
The method with diskjuggler didn’t work because diskjuggler makes dummy sectors. The are readable. CD Wizard gold makes nothing.
So the uncopied sectors can’t be read and are the same as unreadable data.

I still haven’t got any mail from anybody who has succeeded in copying a safedisk protected game without using afterwards the laxity crack.


Well I would like to see if I can achieve that. Would you please tell me exactly what settings you used in CD Wizard Pro 5 to get the errors with your TEAC drive? Please tell me exactly what each setting was for each option. I haven’t been able to get errors reproduced with this Teac drive yet!