Does anyone know of a quick method to check if a CD has safedisk protection or not?

Yes use ClonyXL to scan the disc!
You can d/l it here.

Thanks! That was just the help I needed. Am now making perfect backups, quickly and easily!
Clony is a very clever little piece of software.

Sometimes you can tell just looking in the root dir of the cd-rom, there are 3 files that say something like 0000409.16, 0000409.256 and etc these are safedisc1.

I have noticed that my Ricoh MP7200A WILL copy Safedisc 2 CD’s, but that they will not work on friends machines.
They do work on my Pioneer DVD Rom drive though, which is installed in the same machine.
Any comments?

SafeDisc 2 is a bit weird indeed… Usually there’s are three groups of writers: the ones that can copy SD2 without a problem, the ones that can copy SD2 but the copy will only work in the writer (and some other CD-ROMs like in your case), and the ones that simply cannot do it. A good list to check out to which your burner belongs is the CloneCD hardware requirements (check if correct EFM encoding is supported) and my own list.

Ps. the latest CloneCD version will sometimes make working back-ups with burners that aren’t supposed (well they’re supposed to make copies that work in the writer only) but this is an exception (but not a rare one for that matter).

For more info on SafeDisc 2 check here.