SafeDisk Old

Hi, i am new to this board but thought i would jump
right in and ask anyway.
I am using CloneCD v4.0.1.10 with a HP-CD Writer 16f
and i made a good backup of Comanche4,with the help of
a profile i found here.
my question is i am trying to backup Mechwarrior Vengeance
and Clony XXL is telling me it has SafeDisc Old on the cd.
would i use the same Profile as i used in Comanche 4 with SafeDisc V2 ?
Any Help Would Be Great.:eek:

When reading enable fast error skip and read maximum speed (expect read errors to occur around sectors 800-10000). When writing, use RAW-DAO, enable buffer underun protection, and always close last session. There is no need to enable AWS since Safedisc Old has no weak sectors.

For Safedisc Old and Safedisc 2, use the same profile.

As CCDKing said:

SafeDisc (1/2/2.51) - no AWS

This Profile can be used for the normal SafeDisc (1) version and SafeDisc version 2 and above (2.51) for writers that do not need Amplify Weak Sectors.

[ul][li]Read Speed: Max
[/li][li]Fast Error Skip: On
[/li][li]Write Speed: Max
[/li][*]Always Close Last Session[/ul]