Safedisk error settings

Been using clone over many versions and when backing up my safedsik v2 cd’s I always use clony xl fast error skip settings which state read retries 3, error corrections none. Games copy ok.

However, notice on forum alot of users are setting read retries to 0 and error corrections to hardware.

Is this meant to be a better way or just a preference?

Hmmm, if you check the online-help from CloneCD, it says, that the error correction setting “none” does exist only for completeness, and it should never be used. I don’t know if this setting will make any difference, because I’ve read a CD two-times. First with software EC, and 2nd without any error-correcting. The created images are equal.
Even if you set the EC to “none”, there will be always a error-correction. Otherwise the drive wouldn’t slow down on read errors if you disable FES. And bad sectors are always filled up with Hex 0x55, no matter which EC mode is being used.
The only read method I know, which maybe provides at least very little error correction, is BlindRead’s audio reading method, which is unfortunately only supported by few drives (greetings to spath, hehe).

Which drive did you read from?

With a Plextor writer and setting with settings:

error correction:none
read retry count 0
with FES on

will not create an identical image. This setting will allow uncorrected bad sectors to be returned to CloneCD for writing to the image - and there will be no replaced 0x55 values.

Tonight I have since downloaded cloney XXl version 2006(english version) and a trial version of Clone CD version 4.

The new cloney xxl 2006 version is geared up to work with the new clone cd version 4.

Clone 4 cd settings are recognized by cloney xxl and automatically set when you open clone 4 (it adds another orange circle calling it clony xxl).

By highlighting this orange circle (clony xxl) you don’t have to worry about any of the settings as they are all done for you.

Tried two safedisk 2 games using clony xxl then clone 4 and both worked okay.

Regards writers I have a BTC BCE 1610 and the Lite-On LTR-40125S and both liked the above settings.