Safedisk compatible list of recorders

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a new updated list of safedisk compatible recorders.
I know my three recorders are sheep 2, but still they do not read safedisk v2.9 and write as well.

LG GCE-8160B LG GCE-8525b(CD Writers)
and LG GSA-4081B (Super Multi DVD Drive)

I use the profiles provided by the admins here and the CloneCD version.

The CD is Tom Clancy’s Raven Sheild disk 2 ( play disk) detected by CLonyXXL

It says that he is unable to read sectors for about 5 minutes then copy the rest of the cd.

Should I use safedisk amplify weak sectors Profile in CloneCD?

Or LG is crap…?

Thanks for your help!


Some drives can be found here

and here

and finally others can be found here

I just found also the thread
List of SD2.9 playable/nonplayable dvd/cdr/rw drives
in the forum.

Bad(unreadable) sectors are normal for SafeDisc protected CDs. When the image completes you should get a nice image:)