SafeDisk after the 10000 sector

I just got Shogun:Total War and the expasion for it. I just went to make a back of it, I know that it uses SD2… and when it was reading it didn’t get errors until 29805 and when til sector 39332.
I’m alittle confussed as I though SD2 was at the begin of the disk

Correct. If the game uses SafeDisc 2 then there shouldn’t be any errors after about sector 10.500. When seeing errors that shouldn’t be there check the disc for scratches and smudges. If there aren’t any of those then reduce the read speed to 4X. I had the same experience with GTA3 and Mafia. When using a high read speed there would be phantom errors. When using a low read speed they weren’t there. Good luck!

GhostBear, is your disc scratched? This may be the reason for errors in those sectors.

I check it for scratches and smudges. Did find any that would seem to explain it. I also used a soft cd cloth to make sure that there wasn’t any smudges. I try to do anoyther copy and the errors was still in the 29000 to 39000 range. I also tryed making the copy in both my Lite-On DVD and 40125s. The Back up still works even with the errors where they are.

Well, maybe they’ve moved the bad sectors again.
I’ve seen SafeDisc 2 discs which had bad sectors only at 800-5000