SafeDisk 3

Its been Found, on an OLD CD of mine, it was the last place i would think to look. All i wanted was to make a quick backup…

My Logitech Wingman Drivers Disk !!!

Futureproof is working on a Clone CD profile as you read.

Check it here

Yeah, i was bored

Originally posted by Huzzy
As you can see, its going to be a tough one to get past.

All I need is some magic glue :slight_smile:

It’s allready cracked! Look at it! :wink:

Well, I guess that takes care of the no-cd patches out there and drives as well.:slight_smile:

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

BurnFre@k, who is that women under your name? She looks like she is getting fucked!

she does…by me :slight_smile:

Originally posted by BurnFre@k
she does…by me :slight_smile:

Does she have any friend for me (if you don’t mind I could take her instead :p)??? :smiley:

Originally posted by BurnFre@k
she does…by me :slight_smile:

How much $$$ did that cost you?

BTW I like this copy protection… maybe recordcompanies will like this one…

Imagine the sticker on the disc “does not play in any CD-playing-capable device”! That would really be good for the sales!

it does cost me NOPE !! :wink:

I was wondering if u guys can help me, I just bought Far Cry And Fear off oif a friend and i was wondering if there is any way i could play them without the cd. I have tried GameCopyWorld and i have mounted Mini Images with daemon tools and Alcohol 120% but nothing so can you help?

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