Safedisk 3.20 emulation


I know there are threads on backing up a copy of a game that is protected by safedisk 3.20 but im wondering if emulation might work too.

I have backed up my copy of far cry dvd onto a dvdr, the game doesnt work but is there any software (similar to daemon tools or whatever) that would allow me to run this game by overiding the safedisk?

Even if I have made a coaster can i still create another pure image to my hdd and mount it with a virtual drive that has in built safedisk 3.20 emulation?

Thanks in advance

if you want SD emulation one possible answer would be:

try making a new backup from the original dvd using CloneCD 5 from SlySoft…
It adds some emulation to the burned disc so that the backup should run on any pc with CloneCD 5 installed and “Hide CD-R Media” (or whatever it is called exactly) enabled (in the system tray…)


CloneCD or Game X Copy 1.0.8 should be able to do it :slight_smile:

GameXcopy? That only has coincidence backups in my view. But Alcohol 120% 1.9 would be a good choice for SafeDisk 3.20. With emulation.

I got an emulation of Rome Total War, Safedisk 3.2, working just fine with Alcohol. Burning it was a problem though. I got it to work on my machine, but trying it on my other computer would allow it to install but not run. So Emulation is Possible but not from the same Image as a burnable copy.

Alcohol, 4x read Safedisk2.x/3.x.

emulation of safedisk 3.20 may not work in all drives. Some drive simply do not accept emulation of weak sectors