Safedisk 3.2 Query?

Right, Ive manager to make a working baccup of Safedisk 3.2 using a Samsung TS-H552B as the reader and a LiteOn LTR52327S as the writer, using CloneCD 5.1 :bow: protected disk profile. My question, is it possible to backup this protection without using emulation when you want to run it? I have to enable “Hide CD Media” then remove the emualtion registry entries from CloneCD, (just a case of double clicking on a little file though) then run the game, works though, but is there a way??? Or is it a case of with my hardware it cannot be done?

If it can, using any other software, could someone let me know, by a step-by-step guide, includinhg where to get the program (sorry to be a pain) as I have never used anything like Blindwrite before or any software other than the above, like to keep things simple, but with a step-by-step, should be ok.

Also, is there a difference between Safedisk 3.2 and 4.0? Would the same emulation work on both? With the reg deleted?

Cheers people, its much appreciated, plenty of knowledge out there!! :iagree:

go here and download cyberwiz’ guide.