SAfedisk 2
on this link i could read that cdbeta was able to modify the file *.img of the copied cd. right . But how does it work ? Have I just to drag and drop the image file in the program ? what is the max.iso file?

Yes just drag and drop the image.IMG file onto the BetaBlocker screen. Then hit the ‘Scan Sectors’ button so the weak sectors are scanned. Then press ‘Patch Sectors’ so these weak sectors are modified. Now all you need to do is burn the modified image with CloneCD.

The max.iso file is a test file. It contains the first sectors of the game Max Payne with the SafeDisc 2 weak sectors still intact. I’m not sure how to use this file though but it’s pretty useless anyway :slight_smile:

I own Black&White and The Sims ‘House Party’ both of which use Safedisk V2© and was able to sucessfully burn a copy for my kids to use and save the originals to prevent them from getting scrached. I used CDBeta with cloneCD using my Plextor PX-W1210A (12/10/32) for writing and a Pioneer 16x DVD/CDROM 105S to read. It worked perfectly and without the use of memory resident drivers or hooks. EXCELLENT PROGRAM!!

I dragged and dropped the image file, set the scan size to 100000 clicked scan sectors, then patch sectors then burned the image using cloneCD. At first it appeared not to do anything when you clicked the patch button but apparently it does cause now I have perfectly good working copies of my SafediskV2 CDs

BetaBlocker is indeed a great program. It modifies the weak error sectors on a SD2 protected game title.

I have just tried this on Delta Force Land Warrior

DFLW scanned with betablocker upto 80,000 sectors(30,000 was enough) patched it burned it installed it(on normal CD rom) updated it and all works great…

Writer plex 12,10,32A Firmware 1.08 (6 months old)
44x Sony CD rom

Looking through to see what other games got this Prot to test on…
Will report what it does with each game i try to backup…
Think i will try Max tomorrow…
Give it a go and post results to see if there are game and writer incompatibilities (Big word that)…

Wot sort of times are we talking here i’m interested for a friend as SD is not a prob for my Acer or philips. As an example i’m able to make a perfect copy of undying in approx 13 mins using a plex 12/10/32A to read and say the Acer 12x8x32 to write.Is it a long winded affair or fairly quick THX.

Dont ask me,i aint all there

i have a plextor 121032* (firm 1.08) and a pionneer 1640 and i made a black and white image with the plextor and the following option

read subchannel data track
read subchannel audio track

what are the other option because after I scan the sector (there was 276 bad sector (I put 10000 in the number of sector (was it enough)) and i patch it then I burn it and it doesn’t work in my plex or in my pionneer ??!!

what are the option in clonecd for the safedisk v2?
how many sector must I put ?? 1000, 20000000, 55555555555555555555555555555555555 ???

SafeDisc 2:

-Fast Error Skip ON

Leave these SubChannel settings alone. SafeDisc 2 doesn’t use tem (yet).

For scanning the error sectors with BetaBlocker use the default range of 1000. Normal errors have a range of 10.000 but SafeDisc 2 weak error sectors are only present in the first 1000 sectors. If you want to be on the safe side you could use 10.000 but it makes no difference.