Safedisk 2 version checking

This may sound like a bit of a noobs question, but is there any way to tell what version of Safedisk 2 is being used on games protected by it. It’s just that having read a post about C&C Renegade having the latest version of SD2 in use, and me being able to back it up with no probs with my TDK 12x10x32 burner, I’m just curious as to see which version my copy of Renegade is using.

safediscanalyser will tell you the exact version number.

you can find it on my website:


Worth mentioning here is that you have to install the game and then check which version of SD2 it is. Me myself did not understand this initally which was a little bit frustrating :slight_smile:
But then again…I am not always that clever :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys, downloaded SD Analyser from the site and it works spot on :slight_smile:

Originally posted by SolidSnake2000
…and me being able to back it up with no probs with my TDK 12x10x32 burner…
Renegade?! Did you really? If you said TDK 16x, I’d have thought rebadged 16102B Liteon, but a 12x…?

AWS can make wounders… :cool:

Yep, AWS is a wonderful thing to have :slight_smile: If I remember right, I’m sure my 12x is a rebadged Plexie, well thats what I was told on the old Clone Clinic Forum many moons ago. I bought this drive when it first came out, £199 :frowning: Now you can get 32x drives for £100. But it’s burns everything I throw at it and I’m a patient sort of bloke so I can wait a few extra minutes :slight_smile:

Talking about drives, anyone know what the Memorex DVD MAXX 1648 is like as a reader? I normally just use my TDK as reader and writer but I’ve just got this DVD drive to replace my dead Pioneer DVD-104S.