Safedisk 2 IDE



Everyone seems to think the new Acer drive is the best to go for, can this read and write safesisk 2? I heard it can only write it. if so are there any dvd drives that can read SD2, or a writer that can do both (IDE)?

Thanks a lot


You`re right…

The Acer is at the moment the only Burner that can write!!! everything but for reading you need a Toshiba DVD-Rom.

The Acer is only able to read 16 bit subcodes,as those Philips shit.

The only Burner that does everything is the Plextor 8/20 but this product is not avaible any more.

So buy a Toshiba DVD or CD-Rom to read every thing and for writing buy a Acer.

Good luck…



I agree with Kirby. it’s an excellent writer but a crappy reader. For reading a Toshiba DVD like the SD-M1502 (IDE DVD Player) would be great :slight_smile: This combo can handle (almost) everything :slight_smile:


I agree too. I have the best of both worlds, a plex 8x20 and a toshiba dvd drive :cool:

Have fun


Acer is like wet p***y, you love it you don’t want to waste it natural enjoin…

just buy it and enjoy soft wet and tasteless… burns


I just got a SONY CRX140E/CH2 it can write Safedisc2 and read it it also writes securom2 and reads it and cdilla2 its read and written everything ive thrown at it but its only a 8X drive and it can only read reliably safedisc2 at low speeds (4x or so) this burner is a great buy just make sure if you get one get the CH2 model aka the professional model


the acers don’t read sd2 use a toshiba /cdrom /dvd/ for reading
there isn’t no such drive that will do both ( it would be nice!)
greetings b. from holland


a plextor 8/20 will read and write SD2 and so will the sony i posted above