Safedisk 2 bug won't let me run games on my pc

I have an amd thunderbird 800 speed pc with 128 mb sd-133 ram, asus a7v mobo, three cd-rom drives at letters x, y, and z:
x: high speed 52x cd-rom drive highval brand
y: pioneer dvd-rom drive 10x/40x speed
z: plextor 8432 reqriter
I have 100 megs of hd space on two ide drives, my mobo has the promist hd controller build in, my hard disks are on ata-100 ide poits, so they are referred as scsi drives even though they are edi drives because of how they are connected.
Soundblaster live platnum, hercules prophet 2 gts 64mb, Windows 98 SE, etc.
Rescent Safedisk 2 protected games don’t run on my system. There is a bug in safedisk 2 versions beyond V2.05. V2.05 and below works for me perfectly with no problems, but after that, games display the splash screen for a second then drop back to windows, so a bug was introduced in rescent version of sd-2 that prevent them from running on my system.
This includes the newest games like Conquest Frinteir Wars and Startopia, for example, but games like Red Alert 2 and Sacrifice work without problems.
I tried using the new unsafedisk but the dumber comes back with a runtime error.
I have been in contact with software companies on this and even V2.40 of sd-2 can;t run for me.
First, can someone suggest any way to get games for me to run? I lowered drive letters to p: (can’t lower it further) and had only one drive connected and no other programs running and no luck.
Second, can the author of unsafedisk 2 make it able to work on my system?
Thank you,
Gino Costa

Most probably it’s some kind of conflict between those safedisc games and some other prog u may be running on your pc.

Thanks for replying.
I closed all programs, had only one cd-rom drive connected, the works. Still no luck. Those games don’t run for me, and it’s not the games, just the protection.


i’ve read somewhere that some drives has problems with the new protection…
still don’t understand it but everything works fine with me…
pent3 700 toshiba dvdrom1502 48x16 and lite-on 24X10X40

I dunno what’s the problem but the tools mentioned in this article might help you.

could also be if u have those above mentioned “tools” installed as safedisk2 blacklist “tools” regularly. get the latest “tools” cuz they r good tools but if an sd2 game dont work uninstall those “tools”