Safedisk 2+ backups

Need some help here please.

Attempted to copy various safedisk 2 games with my new liteon 40125s with the latest official firmware installed i think off the top of my head its zsoa, using clonecd 4 with the game settings and unchecking dont repair subchannel data.

Basically as QC-FREAK as set out.
one game in particular is alice which my young lad loves to bits
and im trying to make a backup for him.

the issue is every time i try to install it stops at 85% giving me some error message. cant remember now what it said :confused:
derrrrdummy me.
anyway has anyone burnt safedisk 2 + with the new liteon and if so please give me your settings

thanks guys / gals :smiley:

Your Lite-ON is EFM Encoding compatible, so you should not have problems with that game
For reading you tick on FSE (0 tries by software are my settings; it depends of the device), and for writing, activate Burn-PROOF and tick in close sesion