Safedisk 2 and Securom New - help please

I’m new to CD Freaks, but I’ve been doing cd copying for a while now. I need help creating a workable backup of Securom new and Safedisk 2 cds
My writer doesn’t know how to read subchannel data. I use CloneCD with Clony or CD Protection Scout to find the type of protection. I have also attempted to use PlayBackup to make the cd misread the subchannel data, but to no avail. The instructions on PlayBackup for the Securom protection are a little vague.

My current case is Throne of Darkness. When using the PlayBackup Driver after having done a straight ClonCD copy, I get a strange result.
When the driver is active and I run the game the disc spins up and drive shows activity, but it eventually dies down and nothing happens. It still works fine with the original disk though.
I have tried to download other programs like unSafeDisk and UnSecurom but the links at GameCopyWorld are broken and I haven’t been able to find them elsewhere.
Could someone suggest a procedure for dealing with these protections?



Yes. Use DAEMON Tools which can handle these protections without any problems… It’s the best copy-protection emulator available.

Originally posted by Dace
I’m new to CD Freaks and My writer doesn’t know how to read subchannel data.

First off all welcome and secondly try to find out if you DVD/CDrom can read subchannel data!

found daemon tools, and it has solved all my worries
beautiful piece of software, that