Safedisk 2.9

do you have informaton about which games will it ?

I tested on Indiana Jones and it works…

The game “Devastation” is also copy-protected with SafeDisc 2.90.040!!!

and anyone has complete a backup with blindwrite ?


Does you posting mean that you succesfully copied a SafeDisc 2.90 protected game (the new Indiana Jones) with Blindwrite???

I read in other forums that people are having heavily problems to copy SafeDisc 2.90 successful!!!

yes we bought Indiana Jone, and I copied it without any problem with the current version of Blindwrite …
so I wondering if it was really a safedisk 2.9 or if Blindwrite is still leading ;-p

Salut Mr Lapinou.
I bought both Blind & indiana jones, and I usually have no problem to make a backup of safedisk protected games.
It doesn’t seem to work this time with the V2.90.040
Any copy made with a cdr is uneffective. However i made a workable copy with a cdrw that has a blue surface!!!
Any expanation?
Could you be more specific on the settings you used Lapinou Stp?
Ce serait sympa merci.
For exemple, which speed did you used? Subcodes box checked or not?( i usualy don’t).
If there do is trouble, I hope blind team will release soon a version that overpass the matter. No doubt this is some kinda probe, and that we are being watched…
However, this is very like what Macrovision said it would be… The V3.0 should be even worst.


no subcode, I wrote on a CDRW ( I can test on a CDR to check if it change something ) using SAO Cooked ( at X4 or X8 I think )
the unit used to read and write is my DVD-R writer ( toshiba 6012 ) in a laptop.
I did the test only on the CD1

at the moment, there is nothing I can request as it works ( on cdrw at least )

a feedback from the other game can be nice.

Ok. It’s reassuring in some way to see that the backup you made was on a cdrw. Please do try on a cdr, just to let us know. For me it did not worked.
I don’t have anything else protected with that stinking v2.90, but I’ll post as soon as i have something new.

Just for the record, the second cd of indiana jones doesn’t seem to be protected.

I confirm … on a cdr the games failed ( error in the bin )
but the cdrw works fine.

the same for you ?

Yeah Man. Exactement la même.
It works on a cdrw but fails on a cdr.
All I can say is that it’s like fisherman’ s friend : IT’S A BIT STRONG!
You blind people have to work on that !!! LOL

well … yes probably we should work on this because bw is french so : on est les champions… so we will do it :slight_smile:

but I have to confess that if it works on cdrw it is better than nothing and I can’t request to put in max priority level ( we are just finishing our dvd movie backup tool )

but we will take a look in a few days.

The game “Devastation” is also copy-protected with SafeDisc 2.90.040!!!

It sure is, and blindwrite will copy it using the SafeDisc 2 settings, No problem at all. I used a cdr not a cdrw, and the only thing I had to do was not remove alcohol but just disable the virtual drive. Disable any virtual drive you are running, even if you are using a Nero, clone or daemon tools virtual drive or the cd will not authenticate. I used my Lite-On 48125w to do the reading and writing works fine.
Here as a list of tested drives
Sony DRU500-A
Lite-On 163D DVD
Lite-On 42125W
Lite-On 32123S
Plextor 121032A
Sony CRX 160
Asus 52X
Lite-On 52x
Kenwood 72X TrueX
And one last thing Blindwrite has to be installed for it to work, when I uninstalled blindwrite it did not work anymore, so the Atip check is in place and it would appear it bans virtual drives too.

Originally posted by kamikazee
And one last thing Blindwrite has to be installed for it to work, when I uninstalled blindwrite it did not work anymore, so the Atip check is in place and it would appear it bans virtual drives too.

If blindwrite has to be installed for the copy to run from an ordinary cd/dvd rom (non-atip reading) then I do not regard that as a good copy. :frowning:

dear Philamber … I think you will need to prepare to this idea for any up to come protection … unless you have special hardware and because there will not alternative

autoplay is not only to hide atip , even if in the case of safedisk there were not too much processing

Ok let me restate my testing, sorry for the mix-up my fault.
Rig #1(My Rig)
I have a Sony DRU-500A/Lite-On 42125W/Lite-on 32123S, I didn’t make this part clear as you can see I have a few atip readers, that why I need the Auto-Play Feature.
Rig #2(Wifes) Lite-On 52X/Lite-On 163D DVD and a Sony CRX 165 CDRW the only burning software on her computer is Drag to Disc (Roxio) The copy authenticated in the cd-rom and dvd player, nothing to hide the atip on this machine, it took a little longer but it played.
Rig #3(game server) A Kenwood TrueX 72X cd-rom and a Plextor 12/10/32A cdrw. Both Alcohol (current version) and Blindwrite 4.2.5 the autoplay feature was not introduced until 4.2.6 so there is no blindwrite hide atip only alcohols. In order to get the copy to authenticate I first had to disable the virtual drive it worked until just before the game started then blue screened on me, I then removed alcohol completely and restarted tried again this time the game started and played without any problem. I also have a Asus external 52X cd-rom (made it myself) and plugged it into both my wifes and the server the game authenticated in both.
So philamber I hope I explained myself a little better. I wrote it down before I typed it this time. Sorry for the confusion.

i am curious how a virtual drive could have effect on the copy when you don’t use it??

maybe because safedisk black list and test if a virtual drive is installed whetever it is used or not … ( blacklist )


would renaming a virtual drive help?? or is it actual recognized as a piece of software instead of hardware?

I wouldn’t worry about the virtual drive blacklisting overmuch. You can safely assume it will be fixed with the next release of alcohol.

good to know