Hello you CDFreaks!

I just want to tell you that i coded a a programm which scans cds for safedisc! You find it at: !
Iam searching for any information about safedisc or even for some beta-tester. Just download this tool and test it.


Tom Commander

i dont have any recent safedisc games - or else i’d grab it / test a few. what exactly does your program detect? is it anything like safedisc analyzer?

if you want just info about safedisc, i’d google for info from r!sc, even though he’s stopped updating his tools (legal reasons :wink: ).

edit : also, cdkiller @ has lots of knowledge on safedisc, as well.

Does your program scan to see if a disc is safedisc protected, or does it scan for a safedisc version, or both?

well I downloaded the program and tried it. it could identify safedisc 2.51 games ( as safedisc 2.6) it identified 3 safedisc 2.8 games as safedisc 1 and identified two securerom 4.8 games as safedisc 1.