Safedisc2 no crack no compatible burner

What to do if you have a burner that doesn’t support safedisc 2 and there is no crack yet for the game?

Are there other tools I can use? And where can I download them?
I read somthing about unsafedics 2.0xxx
Is this working with safedisc2 protected games, or just a new version of unsafedisc?

then you can forget it , you’ll have to wait
the unsafedisc you mean is for the older version of safedisc

I expected as much :frowning:

Oh well…


You can use Clony!!! To backup SD2 games!!! :smiley: (not CCD but clony!!)

Look it up in da news! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gamecopyworld has unsafedisk 2 unpacker - gives you no-cd exe.
Just crack them yourself.