Safedisc won't let me play The Sims2

I’m assuming this is Safedisc related but I’m not sure. My brother tried to install some warez on my computer including EA games LOTR: BFME. I made him delete all the pirated crap and beat the hell out of him. The next time I went to play the sims 2 it wouldn’t load at all. I get a generic error message before I get to the splash screen. this is a cd, not dvd version and i’m not trying to play without the cd. No amount of installing/uninstalling, registry key deleting will allow me to play. Has safedisc blacklisted my legitimate games? When i purchase LOTR; BFME will it work?
Thanks in advance

Are you getting the “emulation software detected” message ?

You should then “disable” CloneCD, Alcohol …

The exact message is “The Sims2 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We apologize for the inconvenience.” The only emulation/burning software I have is Nero 6 and it has virtual drives disabled.

I doubt that SafeDisc has blacklisted your legitmate games, I mean, what would be the point in that. The pirated games may of un-installed/removed parts of the SafeDisc drivers, resulting in the error message.

Have you tried re-installing the game in question?

my brother had the same troubles when he deleted parts of the nforce chipset drivers (don’t know HOW he did it, but some controller-drivers were “gone”).
after re-installing the chipset-, graphics- and sound-drivers, followed by a directX 9.0c installation (just to make sure that DX isn’t damaged) it worked again…

so, maybe it has something to do with your hardware-drivers?!?

I’ve uninstalled, cleaned the registry and then reinstalled in safe mode. I’ve also downloaded a safedisc update from macrovision and installed that.

Have you tried searching the registry for “CloneCD” and then deleting all the enteries with “CloneCD” in?

Ben :slight_smile:

wouldn’t this cause an “emualtion software detected” message?!

:confused: How would this cause it?, it fixed it for me.

i meant: if an old CCD reg.-value would have been the reason, then the game should not have started with the “emulation…” message instead of “The Sims2 has encountered a problem and needs to close”…

The new SaveDisk is not checking the registry for any installed emulation software. It’s checking the virtual drivers that are used when emulation is installed on your system. These drivers are removed from the memory as soon as you turn of the systray and close it so it wil not boot when windows boots.

First of all its SafeDisc and it does check the registry for emulation software. That why so many people have problems running new games if they ever had CloneCD, Alcohol 120% etc installed. Versions of these programs become ‘Blacklisted’ and the game will not run if it can still find them. Also some protections like Securom (unless ‘Killed’) will not allow any virtual drives (no matter what is mounted in them) to be running while the game it is protecting is. Im not sure if SafeDisk blacklists VDs but I know it blacklists emulation.


I did a search for your sims 2 has encountered a problem and got a lot of site to go to on this problem the one that I saw a fix was the firmware for the cd drive. look at this one