Safedisc with CloneCD



Hi Guys
I need to know if CloneCD can copy Safedisc protected games, because I just borowed Unreal Tournament and I want to make a copy of it without having to use a crack!

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Yes i have not had a problem with safedisc protected games,and cd clone, it is all relevent though to if your hardware is supported


I copied UT with CloneCD with no problem. It works perfectly. Took about 2 hours.



Does CloneCD work with IDE CDR’s?

Ch5 Micky


I don’t know exactly, but you can look it up at:
at hardware requirements



ch5Micky, Yes it works with IDE my burner and cdrom drive are both ide but like Djewst said, check out the hardware requierments and see if yours are compatable…



Does CLONE CD work with a Hewlett Packard 8210i and can my writer handle raw data,

I appriciate any info you can give me

Ch5 Micky


i have made 6 copies of ut only had one 3 bad copies due to an older version of clonecd and my toshiba dvd not reading teh disk correctly so it missed 3 files but it did pass safedisk and can be used for mplayer just not installed but the other 3 were perfect copies


Does anyone know if you can copy on the fly with clonecd ?


Which CD Writer are you guys using? I intend to get one but don’t know which to get.


I’m using an Iomega with no problem.but planing on getting a Plextor