SafeDisc Versions?

Can anyone confirm these SafeDisc versions:[ul][li]Destroyer Command SafeDisc[]FIFA 2002 World Cup SafeDisc[]Grandia 2 SafeDisc[]Heroes 4 SafeDisc[]Medieval Total War SafeDisc[]Trains And Truck Tycoon SafeDisc[]War Commander SafeDisc[]The Sims - Deluxe Edition SafeDisc[]The Sims - House Party SafeDisc[]Max Payne with official update ( to[/ul]Thanks, post here and any others you may have. portmac will update his site.
@Portmac[ul][li]Emperor - Battle For Dune Safedisc 2.30.31 >>> maybe 2.30.031?[
]Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe Safedisc 2.70.30 >>> again, maybe .030?

I have The Sims HouseParty now : Safedisc 2.10.030
Screenshot with Houseparty installed

[EDIT]Screenshot using the [yAtEs] scanner, notice the missing 0

About the missing zeros, SafeDisc version numbers are stored as binary values, not ascii chars, what makes you think it’s rather 031, not 31? I think that’s merely a cosmetic bug from using a formatting function :smiley: