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SafeDisc is nowadays the most used copy protection on games. As we all know, SafeDisc was a pain in the ass, until CloneCD came up. This new SafeDisc protection will probably…

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Everything is crackable !

And I think Olli will find a solution to copy this protection as well
He is an excellent Coder !
Nice Cloning !
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Clone cd… Small program, easy to use and yet so powerful Way to go i’d say !!!


Totally agree with you folks! CLONECD ROELS!!


Hahaha, how long will it take R!SC to crack this SD protection this time? I remember the last time “New Uncrackable SafeDisc Protection”… I belive it was cracked with UnSafeDisc within three days (or was it two )…

I have a CloneCD compatible burner, but I still think UnSafeDisc rocks


Don’t they never stop creating protections??

People wil crack it… I’m sure of it!


Why would they stop creating protections. The companies that make them get paid a fortune to make them and those companies love the hackers because if their software was never hacked they wouldn’t be able to sell a newer version and get even more cash for it. They love hackers and they will always create a loop hole in it just so they can release a newer version and make more cash


this is just more of the same complete bollocks that they spout out to big executives who know nothing about computers. Basically they’re putting a few more bits in the encryption - which was never the problem anyway.

R!sc will do this one in 2 days - I can feel it. The more hot air - the less the crack time


dont we all luv clone cd?? i do


Have to say that version of clone cd is absolute shit. I have tried to backup two pieces of my software and has failed. I am going back to an earlier version.


Well, they still believe being able to prevent us from copying… one thing is plain: v1.0 did not


had this idea, please share my thought…
When I dump all sectors of a CD with CDR-Diagnostic, doesn’t the tool grab the encryption key too ??
If so you can burn the sectors on a cd and NO protection is cappable of handeling it… just like the good old Fast Hack’m on C64


ffffff, why don’t they stop making this stupid protections and sell cheap games directly using the internet.



IN GERMAN : Es liegt in der natur des menschen sinnlose dinge immer und immer wieder zu probieren =) …

PS: ich hoffe das englisch war richtig =)


need latest firmware :slight_smile: