Safedisc V2.9

I have a MSI CD-RW CR52. I am having problems backing up Call of Duty. The cd is protected with safedisc V2.9. I have tried using Alcohol 120 to copy it but it will not create a working copy. The origional works fine, but the copy freezes my computer. I dont get an error message (such as insert correct cd), It just doesnt work. While copying it tells me there was an error copying particular sectors. Is it my cd-rw that cant cope with the faint code or what? Can anyone suggest why. THX :confused:

What kind of problems are you having. A little more information will help in getting a working copy.

Are you getting any error messages?
Does the original work ok?

doesnt safedisc2.9 rely on atip data for its protection?

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Also, someone else is having the same problem here. So you might want to keep an eye on that thread as well :smiley: