Safedisc V 3.10.20

Greetings everyone.

I tried to backup SD 3.10 (Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) on my Sony CRX175A1 and the copy doesn´t work at all. Protection doesn´t show the message with request of the original CD, but the game is just loading about 30 sec. and then it ends up and doesn´t run…

I used Alcohol 120%

Do you think should I try to use BlendWrite 4.5.7 or CCD? Or there isn´t any way to backup this protection with my writer (Sony CRX175 A1)??

And one more thing? Can Teac W552E handle this protection??

Thx. for your answer :slight_smile:

The Sony CRX175A1 is a re-badged Lite-on Ltr-24102B and it is unable to successfully copy sd 2.9+. (The last version of safedisc that that writer can handle is sd 2.8.) Don’t know about the capabilities of your Teac W552E.