Safedisc V 3.10.20

Hello gents.

I have purchased a copy of vegas: make it big in the UK. Safedisc Analyser tells me this uses version 3.10.20 .

I have not seen this type of Safedisc before. Interestingly it is the first CD i have ever seen which has SAFEDISC printed on the inner ring of the CD (where you normally see DADC for secuROM)

Has anyone seen this protection yet?

I have not yet managed to create a working backup of this title. I have copied it using Alcohol 120% Version 1.4.7(1005) with Ignore media type enabled. Game goes to Macrovision splashscreen and then asks for original CD. Tried to mount it both with Alcy and DaemonTools V3.41. Same thing.

I have disabled CCD Hide CDR media. Should I uninstall CCD completely? Some info on reading the CD

Bad sectors are present in the ranges…802 - 10228 (normal Safedisc range) and also 308288 - 308295. I know secuROM sometimes has bead sectors at the end of a CD but i have never Safedisc with this. I was wondering if Macrovision are now doing a Subchannel protection as well. I will try to do an MDS check to see if the CD has any physical structure deviations.

Has anyone else got this game? have you managed to back it up?

Could you scan the cd-rom and post a (downsized!) image of its inner ring ?

Heeeh can u send me that game to collection :p. Hmmm Well competition is starting. Who will be first in SafeDisc kill ?

Btw. What is full name of game pls ?

I will try to scan a copy tonight. the name of the game is…

Vegas - Make It Big

Published by Empire interactive.

Alcohol would not complete the MDP measurement. Blindwrite fails as well.

Well the wait is over. I have produced a working 1:1 image of a SD3 game. Is it the first?

here is how.

OK. Some more news.

I tried to DPM the CD in my Plextor and it failed at 97%. This also happened in my other drives. I know for traditional Safedisc DPM is not needed but I always thought the process completed. Maybe I am wrong.

Anyhow I made the image with the following settings.

Read Speed Max
Read Subchannel Data (thought it couldn’t hurt)
Ignore Read Errors

I disabled skip error blocks to make the reader a little slower over the bad sectors.

I then burnt the image at Max speed and disabled Bypass EFM error as the Plexwriter premium can do them OK.

The result is a working 1:1 copy.However it would seem that it is the bypass EFM error which causes the problem. I tried the same thing in my Laptop drive which requires the bypass setting and it didn’t work. So it looks like SD3 can be copied but only with certain compatible hardware and the bypass feature no longer works.




It would be nice if Macrovision would post a change log :bigsmile:

hey interesting will get the title tomorrow and give it a try!
sure am jealous I didnt spot it 1st !!! bypassed the title last week as I thought it looked boring !

you just never know do you ?
will post my results.

you made the test with blindwrite 4.9.9.x ?
as we don’t have a sample of the game… we can’t solve the problem.
any other games using it ?

Originally posted by lapinou
you made the test with blindwrite 4.9.9.x ?
any other games using it ?

>and disabled Bypass EFM error

Alcohol by the sound of it

@dr–evil: Are you able to check if virtual drive and/or hide media type are blacklisted?

The result is a working 1:1 copy.However it would seem that it is the bypass EFM error

You should never have EFM option in Alcohol selected when using the Plextor Premium, this is where alot of people went wrong with SD2.90.

It has been for a while now more a case of hardware as apposed to software that causes back-ups to fail.

I know. i was kicking myself about the bypass EFM error. Reason was I reformatted my machine and reinstalled Alcohol from scratch. When i selected Safedisc V2 as the profile it automatically selected Bypass EFM error.

OK. It will not run from Daemon Tools 3.41 or the Alcohol Virtual Drive. So it would appear they are blacklisted. However Ignore media type in Alcohol seems to work OK as the game runs and I only have writers installed on my machine.

As for Blindwrite… I only tried once as I normally only use Blindwrite for SecuROM 4.8> titles. For safedisc I usually try Alcohol. Do you want me to test it again with Blindwrite?

Tell me what settings to use and what version of Blindwrite you would like and I will give it a go and let you know the results.

Originally posted by logicwatch
[B]hey interesting will get the title tomorrow and give it a try!
sure am jealous I didnt spot it 1st !!! bypassed the title last week as I thought it looked boring !

you just never know do you ?
will post my results. [/B]

LOL, The developers of this game have no idea people are more interested in the copy protection than the game itself.

For the record…Its quite a good challenging game and the graphics are leagues ahead of other tycoon type games.

Dr. Evil,
When you get some free time, can you give CloneCD cue sheet) a go and if the backup “should” fail, burn with
Fireburner 2.2.1

Shoey :cool:

Will do. I wil post the results tomorrow.

Hope that it works OK. Poor Ollie has taken a lot stick recently.

Evil, I don’t know if what Shoebe meant to say was to use the DiscDump/Fireburner way of backing up Safedisc 2.x games. If it’s not could you take a look at this thread?

You’ll have to scroll down a bit but the method of DiscDump/Fireburner 2.21 has worked for me on SafeDisc 2.9 games. If possible could you see if it works for this 3.1 game? If it doesn’t work can you try to see if you can backup a 2.9 game (maybe your writer can’t do that one either) Just trying to cover all the bases.

Will the Liteon and Asus CDRW’s do SD 3.1?

What about the LG DVD writer?

Hmmm long time no post … but this seemed like it could turn out to be an interesting topic.

Does anyone remember the post on the frontpage that safedisk 3.0 and 3.1 were coming ???
The creators of Safedisk also went the extra way as to describe what was going to be changed in the protection.

And what I do not read about here is that safedisk 3.1 was to contain triggers…like F.A.D.E… maybe all these games here boot up but the triggers are still being triggered so the protection module still recognizes its a backup.
And secondly, FADE had been intergrated by Safedisk… anyone encounter this ???

So in my opinion, we can´t, to this date be sure that Safedisk 3.1 indeed can already be copied…just seems to easy to me !

It may boot, but i think later on in the game we might see FADE in action…

But GLAD we already have the games booting y´all…

Cheers ! :bow:

we played the game using the copy enought time ( few hours ) to be annoyed by the game… and no problems…