Safedisc v. 2.8 & LiteOn LTR-52246S



I have a problem when copying The Sims Unleashed (dutch: Beestenboel). I’m using CloneCD and AWS off. When trying to play the game in my Pioneer DVD-ROM it gives a fatal error. When using it with Hide CD-R media on it works fine in the burner as well as it works in the DVD-ROM. But that should not affect the DVD-ROM, is it?

Hardware using:
LiteOn 52246S f/w: 6S0D
Pioneer DVD-ROM 116 f/w 1.22

Windows XP Professional with ASPI Driver installed.
The Sims Unleashed CD1 (EP 5)
ClonyXXL --> Safedisc 2.8

I have used the CloneCD profiler for the right settings (4x reading… AWS off…). CloneCD reports that my burner does not supports the fast error skip and it will use hardware error correction mode.

Does anyone know what can be a solution besides installing CloneCD and click the Hide CD-R media option or could this be a firmware problem?

When using 6S0A (burner) and turning on the Hide CD-R media option the game won’t start. In a LiteOn LTD-163 DVD-ROM the game only works with the Hide CD-R media function activated. The fatal error means the message box that WinXP gives and askes you to submit the error details to Microsoft.
I thought my 52x LiteOn supports copying the Safedisc v.2.5 - 2.8 or is this a newer version of Safedisc? Can anyone tell me a program that can show the version of Safedisc in detail like 2.535 or someting?


Try copying the Safedisc 2.8 protected game with Alcohol 120%
with the Safedisc 2 profile ticked.
I have had the same problem with Safedisc 2.8 until I changed to
Alcohol 120% from CloneCD
Hope this helps