SafeDisc Unwrapper v2.40.10 available

I just posted the article SafeDisc Unwrapper v2.40.10 available….

A new SafeDisc (2) unwrapper version is now available. With this little tool you can decrypt a SafeDisc (2) protected game (the .EXE file) so the protection will be removed…

Tested games include…

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I wouldn’t recommend posting sth like this gamefreak! it’s interesting, but nearly illegal!! And i think this couldn’t be the purpose of this site! :slight_smile: :frowning: :wink: :r :9 :d :4 :7 :c :o :g :+ :stuck_out_tongue: :* :8 [just playing :p]

Hmm nothing illegal about a SafeDisc (2) unwrapper… Basically BetaBlocker does the same thing, right? It helps you back-up a SafeDisc protected game But maybe I should have added: Don’t forget ppl: this program may is only intended for your own use! :wink:

I just want to tell you that my virus protection insisted that the file was infected (possibly) by an unknown virus…

Ka: let me guess… Norton? :r Gamefreak: you should have :slight_smile: [or edit it and add sth like: this program may only be used to make backups of your own games] btw admin: idea for next poll: “how much original programs do you own @ home?” <1/1-10/10-20/20> or another poll: “how many programs have you @ home?” <1/1-10/10-20/20> :4 oh and one more thing: It’s SafeDisc (2) ®!!! :slight_smile: Registered trademark from MacroVision [i think].

If we should leave warning notices if any of the posted programs could make something illegal, we would use 50% of our time on this. So CW-KaRel, if you can’t take it, then goto CNN Technews, it’s more soft in it’s news.

:wink: I think i’m gonna tackle someone here… I’m not soft!! I kill the goddamn flies who fly through my room… Is that soft?? :7 Guess not… Not everyone have flies in his room though… Nevermind… :o I haven’t read through the SafeDisc/2 ® ToS/license yet, but they are surely stupid if there is nothing in it like: “you may not disassemble, reverse engineer, …” or sth like that in it. And that’s exactly what this program does. Just tell me which other program is illegal (that has been posted here) and i’ll give you the proof it isn’t. Mostly it is in there EULA. There’s always sth like “you may not do this/that if you are not the owner from” and “we don’t take any responsibility for…”. Waiting for answer (let’s take this to the forum though). :7

You can find me on my ICQ.

Really nice prog! Need a crack for a backup-cd? DIY with UnSafedisc :8

CW-KaReL said: “you may not disassemble, reverse engineer, …”… If u feel more comfortable i tell that we don’t agree with that license and don’t want to use that soft, we simply bypass and remove it. Safedisc sucks :r Long live to unwrapper and betablocker :4