Safedisc promotes new features on website

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[yAtEs] used our news submit to tell us that Macrovision have updated their website, providing a lot more detail on their latest product changes in Safedisc. Including items such…

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While they’re at it, they could do with better DVD protection too.

… and better CD-Rom compatibility too…

hmm, Macrovision got ‘up-to-date’ with their silent alarm feature. But as we know, all predecessors (Codemasters’ FADE, Securoms’ Triggers etc.) got cracked and this one will also be cracked FULL STOP :smiley:

complicates hacking effort, thus extending the 'hack-free" window.
Tell that to Deviance or Fairlight,I’m shure they laugh @ you :smiley:

We dont want better DVD protection. as a lot of people want to be able to back there own dvd’s up.

Guns that jam? Wheels that fall off??? ROFL! Does this mean tha game will copy and play, but into it a little you’ll get a jammed gun?? or wheelless car??? Now thats something!!:d On the more serious side, this company is in the buisiness of protecting… right??? Well how would buisiness be if they REALLY got it right??? (which is not possible) It wouldn’t be good… Something like being superman in a crime-free world… :stuck_out_tongue: Lacrymator

Say what you will, but I think such ‘game degrading’ scheme’s are actually quite harmful to the game company. Right after (often even before) a game is released, it will be available on the internet. This means a large group of people will already be playig this game before it actually picks up selling. Now the illegal users will encounter problems, and since they cannot know if this is normal, they will blame the game. People who scan around on the internet to see if a game is good before spending their hard earned money will see posts obout bugs, strange bahviour and crappy game performance. They will just think it’s yet another crappy game and NOT buy it.

safedisc did the original degrading play (fade) with codemasters a couple of years ago. must not have been that good as CM left and went to sony triggers. maybe this is ‘new and improved’?

do you really think users wouldn’t recognize these behaviors as resulting from a copied game? Maybe the games companies should tell us what these effects are so we don’t think the game sucks. If I read a peer review of a game and they said the guns jammed I’d be curious enough to check the game website. very interesting though…

Currently its a big war on a worlwide battlefield, its been going on for a long time with no peace negotiations. So who will be crying when its finally over, the game producers or the consumers who have been completely alienated by the game producers. Overall games movies and music turn over billions upon billions Isnt it ironic that one of the larger members of an organisation such as the riaa wants you to buy there movies, music, games, their hardware to use the media, and they want you to buy the hardware, software and blank media from them that can only really serve as a purpose to backup your initial investments, and then screw you in court for using it!

Seems to me they already have a working protection, Can’t play mutiplayer unless one has a non blacklisted key code. Unless one finds a server that dosnt check for such things. But the average joe doesn’t know where or how to find such things. Let the people play single player all they want, makes you purchase a game to go online. Sounds like a selling point to me. Copy protecting is just shooting themselves in the foot.

I completely agree with RenHoek. Everyone who reads or contributes to this site knows about CD protections and how they work, but your average joe buying a game doesn’t, and s/he will interpret a continuous scene loop as a bug in the game, damaging the reputation of the game developer.