Safedisc problem?

Very special cd with safedisc. Used Alcohol with safedisc options enabled en wrote the imga. Tried to run/install program with Deamon but every time it looks to pass protection - copying C-Dilla, authenticating etc but… every time it displays a message :

Director Player Error

Unable to load movie play list ; does the ini file exist ? it must contain a section movies, with an entry Movies01=pathnamedir


Does some-one knows what it means or how to beat the protection…


Maybe if you told us the name of the CD and what version of SafeDisc is on it we would be better able to help.

CD is protected with safedisc 1.50.020 according to copy-discovery 2000 (latest version)
Name is Naval & Military Press : Trench Map Archive

It also has C-Dilla, it makes it’s own C-Dilla map on the drive. So I don’t know if the message, it displays, has it’s origins in Safedisc or C-Dilla… :confused:

Old safedisc 1. There shouldn’t be any real difficulty.

However, there are 2 things that may be causing problems.

The first is that many safedisc protected games/apps are hot-wired to run only from their installation drive (unless you edit your registry).

The second is that some games/apps of that vintage will run only from the drive with the lowest letter.

:bow: :a

The problem was caused by an other running application on the background… sorry. Al copies I made with the safedisc 1.5 - 2.8 are working fine. They al had the same conflict with that program. I tried the cd’s on 4 other computers but they all have the same software so my test-environment was not good…

Thanking you all for helping me ! :bow:

What’s the name of the program that caused the conflcit?