SafeDisc Image Question

After considerable reading of FAQs and forums here over the last several days (including the 11.3MB “Offline Help” download), I made a successful image of “Rome: Total War”, CD #1 using Alcohol v1.92. (It was protected with SafeDisc 3.20.022.)

Tested the image and it works, no problem. My question is this:

Once I have a good SafeDisc image, is the .exe file the only thing that prevents burning a working backup to a normal, unprotected CD?

Thanks for any help, and additional info or links much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey and wellcome to CDFs,

In short yes… tho; Are you asking if its poss to make an unprotected game CD? If so this is not legal. In back-up the portection must stay intacted.


Thank you! Your welcome is most kind, and I appreciate you taking the time to respond so quickly. :slight_smile: