Safedisc for Linux, it's not even a joke



I just posted the article Safedisc for Linux, it’s not even a joke.

A company called Transgaming that ports games to the Linux platform announces today in a press release that it will use Macrovisions SafeDisc.

In the press release they talk about SafeDisc…

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you can’t copy safedisc with linux? mostly computers have linux and windows too… so use windows to copy protected games, ofcourse using clonecd!


You gotta be kidden there is billions (okay allmost) billions of command line burners for linux and some of them does RAW.


Like, CP are intended to prevent the user from running the software without the CD, thus preventing the user from borrowing the cd to a friend. Now, this instaler only CP does not prevent the original user from borrowing the cd to a friend which kinda defeats the purpose of a CP…


—there is billions (okay allmost) billions of command line burners for linux — No small exageration there mate ;), there are some but I doubt whether they even number in the teens!!! Well anyhow there is one that does RAW and works for most System 4/5 BSD unix’s and it’s cd-r DAO. However whether they acna copy it or not is less of a problem as one can always just crack it! // Swede242


This is better for the masses. If they must use copy protection which I am against do it for installing so the customer doesn’t have to use the stupid CD after that, more convenience.


Your missing the point. This is pathetic. The whole point of Linux is that it’s freeware, open source, GPL, etc. This is turning it into the money greedy program that Windows is. This company has just started a trend that is going to continue. I HATE GREEDY COMPANIES!!


A couple of comments… First, you don’t need to run a Linux program to copy a Linux game, just as you don’t need to run a PC to copy a Mac disc. Second, Linux is an operating system, not a way of life. If people can make money writing Linux applications and games, it’s a good thing. Anything that increases the popularity of Linux, especially in the eyes of software publishers, is to the benefit of the Linux community. If you really want to send an anti-Microsoft message, discourage people from copying Linux games. If Linux is seen as a “safe” platform, maybe more companies will develop software for it.


one word : CDR DAO though i dont use linux at all :4


All ballz and no brainz. This oughta be funny.