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Here you can find some more solutions to copy SafeDisc protected games without the Laxity crack. These solutions are provided by our visitors and are not proven to work on any system. It is however worth a try

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Hi CD freaks, I’ve got a small prob. over here. I have tried to copy a Safedisc v1 (ya , V1 !!) protected game Cd and ended up with a nice toast ! I used Clone CD 3 and as per ClonyXL’s recommended settings for SD1, I enabled only fast error skip and imaged the CD on my Hard Drive ( it took nearly 2 damn whole hours to copy this thing !!), burned it with CloneCD and it didn’t work out. I had installed the game from the copy itself, but the game didn’t recognise neither the copied CD nor the Original CD when I tried it later on. I had to uninstall and reinstall the game from the Original Cd several times for the Original to work, forget the Copy… What do I do dudes ? Help plzzzzzz. By the way, ClonyXL rates SDisc 1 protection by only one ‘skull’ while ‘Protected CD-VOB’ by three skulls, and which I had copied more easily a couple of weeks earlier …i think it was a Tomb Raider 3 CD.

I didn’t know there was so many different ways around Safedisk. Is there any help detecting Safedisk 2.51 as Clony XXL is now defunct and Clone CD is going away too.

Sure. Buy PC games.

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There is lots of ways around a game, but finding the way u understand…is the tricky part! Good luck!!

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